What do EMT/paramedics do?  

EMTs and paramedics administer life support care to sick and injured persons in pre-hospital settings as authorized and directed by a physician.

Where do they work?   

These health care professionals work primarily in ambulances and fire/police vehicles, but also in hospitals and on helicopters.

What types of patients do they work  with? 

EMTs and paramedics work with all types of patient, young and old; some are injured and very sick, others are not.

What kind of education do they need? 

EMT/Paramedics complete a 10-month certificate   

What is the salary range for this profession?  

$26,000 - 42,000 (EMT) 

$50,000 - 70,000 (Paramedic)

Stony Brook EMT/Paramedic Courses (Non Credit)